Corporate social responsibility

In Dermo we are committed to preserving the environment, we work for the future of our children and so we have a constant concern for finding new ingredients respectful with our environment and research and certification of organic products.

Coexistence, integration, commitment and solidarity with those most in need is another of our concerns, and all the people who make our company. Regularly we collaborate with associations and institutions doing an admirable job helping the poor.

Dermo also in collaboration with some distributors from different countries in Africa, organizes shipments of clothing and toys for those countries most in need of resources.

Solidarity Caravan Doctors

We have been active for several years with the annual caravan that started from Barcelona toward the West African loaded with educational and medical supplies traveling more than 7,000 km and with stops in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau contributing in various cooperation projects that were ongoing in these countries.

Betel Association

Bethel is a non-profit and NGO of Cooperation and Development. Its order responds to the reception and care of various groups or at risk of social exclusion, highlighting the group of drug addicts. We collaborate with them by donating detergents for their shelters.

Sisters of the Good Samaritan

The Sisters of the Good Samaritan congregation founded in Chile in 1978 in response to the needs of the most marginalized, is calling heal and soothe the pain of the poorest sick especially terminally ill. We have worked with them in the center of Granada.


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