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Products for descaled dishwasher machine. Eliminate waste calcareous origin of any surface, flooring, sinks, dishwasher and laundry machines, coils, resistors, extending the life of the machine and avoiding breakdowns.

CleanTot Descal. Detergente antical
Cleantot Descal. Limescale remover

Cleantot Descal

Cleaner for bathrooms.

It can be used in most surfaces without any risk, even thought, in marble, aluminium and chromates is convenient to rinse abundantly.

55,00 €

CleanTot Descal. Detergente antical
Cleantot WC. Descaler WC

Cleantot WC

Cleaner and descaler gel for wc. It  eliminates remains of lime and accumulated dirt. Very effective to eliminate the spots of oxide in sanitary and tiles. 

55,00 €

CleanTot Descal. Detergente antical
Limcal. Descaler


Powerful, safe and effective removal of incrustations, for either hot or cold water circuits. It removes limescale or oxyde incrustations previously formed and does not oxidise.

Effective for use in pipe lines, bricks, dishwashers and washing machines, cleaning of swimming pools, final cleaning of building works…

0,00 €