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Home > Products>Laundry>Dermoclor. Powder chlorine bleach

Products>Laundry>Dermoclor. Powder chlorine bleach

Dermoclor. Powder chlorine bleach

Dermoclor. Powder chlorine bleach

Products>Laundry>Dermoclor. Powder chlorine bleach


Powder chlorine bleach for the wash of white clothes specially indicated for its use in commercial laundries, hospitals, etc.

It reinforces the action of the detergent eliminating the dirt besides to have oxidixing, deodorant, bleach and stain remover properties.

It can be in use in chlorine resistant clothes such as operating room clothes.

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Dose in the bleach phase from 2 to 8 grams per kilo of dry clothes to temperatures among 40 and 60ºC.  

To obtain a high performance of  Dermoclor and a minimal deterioration of the clothes, the temperature of the wash solution should preferably be 40-60º C and the pH above 10.

At a pH below 9.5 there is a higher concentration of hypochlorous acid, more aggressive than hypochlorite and will cause excessive damage to fabric.

At pH 10.5 bleaching should be done at 50-55ºC.

Do not use in chlorhexidine stains. Hypochlorite reacts with chlorhexidine resulting in brown stains which are hard to remove. 

Avoid the contact of the Dermoclor with enzyme containing products.  Enzymes will be inactivated by chlorine.

Make sure that after bleaching has been completed, all residual chlorine is neutralised in the rinse. An incomplete neutralisation will lead to yellowing and fabric damage during drying at elevated temperatures.

Dermoclor contains isocyanurate and alkaline salts that reduces possible malodour. Check that the product is completely dissolved because undissolved isocyanurate particles may cause pinholes.

Do not use for nylon clothes.


Aspect: Powder.

Color: White.

Smell: Characteristic.

Apparent density: 0,75-0,94 g/cc


Plastic containers:


10 kg