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Home > Products>Laundry>H-100. Chlorine bleach

Products>Laundry>H-100. Chlorine bleach

H-100. Chlorine bleach

H-100. Chlorine bleach

Products>Laundry>H-100. Chlorine bleach


Auxiliary laundry destainer based on chlorine for white clohtes  specially indicated for use in healthcare, commercial and on premise laundries. It has oxidizers, deodorant, bleach and stain remover properties.

It can be in use in chlorine color resistan clothes such as hospital theatre.

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Dose from 3 to 8 ml for kilo of dry clothes in the bleach phase with temperatures between 20 and 45ºC.

For optimal bleaching of H-100 and minimal fabric damage the wash solution temperature should kept below 45ºC and the pH around 9.5.

At pH below 9.5 there are a higher hypochlorous acid concentration, more aggressive than hypochlorite and will cause an excessive damage to the fabric.

At pH 10.5 the bleaching should be done at 50-55ºC.

Do not use in clorhexidine stains. Hypochlorite reacts with clorhexidine stains causing brown stains that cannot be eliminated by any later treatment.

Avoid contact of H-100 with products containing enzymes on the wash solution; enzymes will be inactivated by chlorine. Make sure that a good neutralization is done after bleaching. An incomplete neutralization will lead to yellowing and fabric damage during drying at elevated temperatures.

Do not use in nylon.


Aspect: Liquid.

Color: Yellow - greenish.

Smell: Typical.

pH pure: 11-13.

Relative density: 1.25 kg/l.

Solubility in water: Soluble.

Concentration in active substance: 150 g/l of active chlorine.


Plastic containers:


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