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Advanced technology, research and development, respect for the environment, competence constant training and high level of professionalism in our team, determined to preserve the quality of life, protection of the natural environment continue motivating us to develop new products in our laboratories with highly biodegradable active ingredients that make sustainable development possible.

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New formats of Gel Activo Black and Coconut soap detergent.

Special detergent for black clothes and
very scented detergent and persistent coco smell.

Now in 3 liter format

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  • We formulate and manufacture according to your needs.

  • We pack in the format you request.

  • We pack it as you like.

  • Distributed according to your instructions.

  • To give you unique and individualized products.

  • To satisfy your needs and those of your market.

  • For you it will be easy and profitable.


for the manufacture of personal hygiene products and cosmetics

Our personal care products are very hydrating, formulated with highly sensitive active ingredients that respect the natural balance of your skin manufactured with the highest security measures in our clean room equipped with the latest technology and the most modern machinery.

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